Bird of Prey Workshops

My Partner and I run a variety of Workshops with Birds of Prey throughout the year at Scotland's Largest Bird of Prey Centre - World of Wings in Cumbernauld.
The dates for the Bird of Prey Mornings are as follows

Spend a morning with a studio set up photographing a variety of birds on different perches with different backgrounds. some natural some not so natural. A great way to explore your creativity while photographing these magnificent birds.
Suitable for both beginners and experienced photographers

Time - 9.00 sharp
Location - World of Wings
Easter Blairlinn Road
G67 4AA

9.00 - 10.00 We go over the lighting and the set as well as settings for your camera.
10.00- 12.00 Studio work.
12.00 – Finish
Dates :
Dates sart in October - TBA

Cost : £35 per person, no spectators Places limited to 6 people.
Please note your camera should be able to take the triggers we use but we have a PC sync cord if not, so you MUST have a PC sync socket or adapter on your camera (Sony may need an adapter). (Canon and Nikon are fine)

Booking is Essential as places are highly sought after. NO Spectators


9.00 to 12.00
A woodland walk with 3 different birds of prey, flying both planned and free natural flights, see and photograph these birds in their natural environment. This is NOT for beginners.
. £45 including Soup and a roll for lunch on our return.
You do need to be mobile and relatively fit for this as it will be rough underfoot.

Time - 9.00am sharp
Location - World of Wings
Easter Blairlinn Road
G67 4AA

Date : TBA - October sometime


Spend a morning Photographing a variety of birds both on natural perches and inflight away from the centre, enabling you to get natural looking images without aviaries etc in the background.Included on this is a feeding shot and reflection pool.
Suitable for beginners and experienced

9.30am - Meet in the Cabin Cafe on Site at World of Wings - Introduction and a few rules to note, as well as discussion on equipment and settings to use.

9.50 - We head off centre to our location and the first hour will be spent shooting static birds against a nice background ( no aviaries etc) Falconers will be on hand to answer any of your questions about the birds. we will usually have 4 or 5 different birds out. The birds will begin by being on their perches low to the ground, but we have nice natural perches we will move some of them onto , and the jesses will be as hidden as much possible.
We will also where possible, do some feeding images, where we will feed one or more of the birds with a natural prey.

11.00am Here we move into the flight shots with the falconers flying several different birds for us to shoot ( Usually 3) The public are not allowed in our location and we do not allow spectators so its just us. The birds are flown in as natural a way as possible whilst still keeping them up close and personal for you. ( the birds are never forced to do anything so some take their time to decide where they will fly to - with any animal patience helps )

12.00 We finish the morning and the Public display in the centre begins at 12 noon and your fee covers your entrance to the centre so you are more than welcome to go and take more photographs there, although you will be restricted to the spectators seating.

Good Solid footwear is essential . its a bit rough underfoot. so walking boots or wellies. and waterproof trousers as some of the perches are low to the ground.

You do not need to be hugely experienced as I and my Partner Alan Jones will be on hand to help out and give you pointers to the way the birds will fly and best way to shoot them

We have been photographing these birds for many years, so we are highly experienced in the best way to photograph them and are happy to help anyone with camera settings or choice of lenses etc.

Lunch is not included but can be pre-ordered on the morning if you want to stay ( recommended as is the hot chocolate )

Spaces are limited so if you are interested please feel free to email me at, find me on facebook (Fiona Brims) or drop in at World of Wings Bird of Prey Centre where they will be happy to give you details or take a booking.
Dates :
Sunday June 10th
Sunday July 29th
Sunday August 26th
Sunday September 23rd
Cost : £30 per person No spectators. Places limited to 14 people

Raptor and Reptile Photography Day

This consists of the morning photographing various birds both static and in flight as in the normal Bird of Prey Photography morning (see above), and then in the afternoon we go indoors to shoot reptiles and possible amphibians using both off camera flash and studio lights. (animals dependant on availability)
9.30 Intro
9.50 – short walk to location
10- 11 am – Photographing static birds on natural perches. Including a feeding shot where we will feed one of the birds a natural prey item.
11 – 12.00 We will be photographing birds in flight, encouraging the birds to fly in as natural a way as possible whilst giving you the best chance to get great shots.
12 – break for lunch (not included)
1 – 3pm We move indoors to photograph reptiles using off camera and studio lighting.

Dates :May 26th

Cost £65 per person no spectators, Places limited to 6 (although we will have 14 on the morning only which will be the same price as the normal photography mornings - £30)
Please note your camera should be able to take the triggers we use but we have a PC synch cord if not, so you MUST have a PC synch socket or adapter on your camera (Sony may need an adapter). (Canon and Nikons are fine)

Bird of Prey Model Days.
Ever wanted to shoot a model the way the Professionals do . Then this may be the day for you. We supply the model, makeup artist and Hairstylist. We have 4 changes of outfits – 2 for the morning and 2 for the afternoon, a change of makeup and hair at lunch time and use up to 8 different birds of prey.
Weather permitting we will be outside but we have a wet weather alternative so no matter what the weather we will be shooting.
We use Off camera flash, ambient light, and reflectors.
9.00 We discuss the lighting set up, camera settings. Do and don’ts of the day, and will answer any questions before we start shooting.

10 – 12.00 we will be on location shooting.
12 – 1.00 Lunch (not included)
1-3pm Shooting on location.
Cost £80 per person – no spectators.

Dates : Full - more dates next year
Please note your camera should be able to take the triggers – Sony may need adapters please check your camera before booking as we cannot be held responsible if your cameras will not trigger the flashes.


To register your interest in future events please get in touch and we can add you to the mailing list .
Myself and my partner refuse to take any money for running and organising these mornings for you the photographer, this allows us to keep the costs as low as possible making it an affordable day for all levels of photographers. All funds raised benefit the centre where a lot of the birds are rescues and the centre receives no external funding to help look after these birds.