Fiona lives in Central Scotland with her partner Alan, who also assists at many of the photo shoots.

Both use Canon cameras ranging from a 5D MKIII, 7D MKII and 1DX, with lenses going from 10mm all the way to 400mm on a variety of lenses most of them L series.
Their work includes, family gatherings, weddings big and small, corporate events for the NHS, individual portraits, and charity sports events and now recently moved into studio work, creating images that are dynamic, creative and fun.

Fiona's work has been exhibited in the Radisson Hotel in Edinburgh, Eilean Donan Castle Visitor Centre, used in jewellery campaigns and Book Covers in the USA, and for promotional and publicity literature and websites here in the UK.

Their philosphy is "There is nothing that cant be photographed" and with that in mind they will go out their way to give you the photographs that you are looking for.